ball ball shaped blur bubble

Strong emotions beset my soul.
I lose my will.
Mystically-feminine luna tilts my chin and I confess: secrets revealed on a darkly, compelling breeze.

She reminds me of life’s revelations;
nostalgia, not pain.
To feel love eternal even if I am finite:
pieces and parts molded to fit though I don’t know what they’re made of.

Light shafts bore through me.
Rearrange all she sees.
Consider my flaws inclusions,
reflect the best I can be:
A wish to create something beautiful.


Copyright © Kelly Huntson and findingwhatssweet.com 


There Is Weather

There Is Weather
Photo by Stein Egil Liland

The Aurora throws curves.

Thrills with sway of upright spine

emboldened for the night.

Tresses coil, flow down feckless

frozen diamonds fake.

Gems preserved but for one

emerald ray of drama.

Lash and lash, sun laid bare

ever-down, blisters.

Moon *peeks*

buckles, begs

please extinguish me now.


Copyright © Kelly Huntson and findingwhatssweet.com 


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