More Than A Feeling



You know that feeling when you lay on warm concrete after you’ve gotten out of the pool and you’re buzzed from your drink in the sun with your eyes held in a perpetual squint and there’s sweat on your chest and Dorito dust on your fingers and you wipe it away but it won’t go away and a blue Frisbee skids under your chaise and you reach for it but can’t reach it and jets are soaring and the filter pump is humming and the sprinklers are sprinkling and yeah the best part of all is you’re with someone where there’s no need for continuous conversation because you’re just content to have them nearby and you turn your head and they find your eyes and all you do is smile?


Here’s to summer!

With much love,



79 thoughts on “More Than A Feeling

  1. That’s a true poem to summer! You describe it perfectly.

  2. Always fun in the summertime, especially with my grandkids close by to be so loving and accepting of my silliness and joyful hugs, Kelly. Digging my toes in Lake Erie hot sand which has dirt in it, then dipping into cool water. . . the photo comes up in a day or two. 🙂

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