Let’s get lost…


Into a bed of wildflowers

Where dreams are cast

In lapses of time

 And misplaced reason

Down dusty roads

Under shadowed moons

 By clouds infused

 With sweetest summer rain

 You touch her here

You touch her there

She tastes on your lips like a distant sea

Returned to its beloved shore

From far too long an absence

He’s everything you never knew

You never knew you wanted

Beneath the sky

Wide open and free

You find yourself in love.





70 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Such beautiful words, thoughts and emotions. You are one elegant lady.

  2. “She tastes on your lips like a distant sea”—So pretty.

  3. OMG, that is amazing, Kelly! I love this part so much:
    He’s everything you never knew
    You never knew you wanted
    That is exactly what I experiencedand it is such a wonderful insight!

  4. Soo wonderful

  5. ah – romantic beauty at it’s finest, kelly.

  6. Such a romantic piece. Just lovely, Kelly. There must be something in the air ??? ☺

  7. If I thought you one of The Immortals…I’d say words like yours are the reason sooooooooo many babies are born in Sept, Oct, and Nov. Know what I mean? Verrrrrrrra nice 😉

  8. Beautifully expressed, Kelly.

  9. What a beautiful place to disappear to – down the rabbit hole to a moment when the world pauses. Love the atmosphere you’ve created, Kelly. So clever 😃

  10. You never knew you wanted….aww, my favorite part. Love this, Kelly.

  11. This made me think of the old saying, Kelly. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Falling “into” someone or “into bed” with
    someone, this makes life exciting and happy! 🙂 Your words made me feel breathless, Kelly.

  12. Right away, this moves to your list of greatest hits.

  13. Bonjour
    Je te souhaite une très belle journée
    Il faut peu de chose pour être joyeux
    pour rendre quelqu’un heureux
    Le salut d’un (e)ami(e)

    Un signe chargé de tendresse
    La vie peut être superbe en couleurs
    Un peu de chaleur dans chaque cœur
    Un monde plein de douceur,pour apporter du bonheur
    Un oiseau viens de s’envoler

    Chez toi il vas se poser
    Pour t’apporte mon amitié avec de la chaleur en cette période des fêtes

    JOYEUX NOEL 2015

    Bisous , Bernard

  14. Beautiful lines. Amazing. 🙂

  15. Beautiful and uplifting words, you have a gift Kelly.
    Happy new Year.

  16. You should post more poetry. =) Nice line with the taste of the distant sea.

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