With The Flow

With The Flow


It’s been the most beautiful summer season I can remember. This morning as I flowed into cobra pose, I inhaled long and deep… the scent, warm and inviting, undeniably summer. I stood for tree pose, lifted my arms high up over my head, breathing, balancing, feeling empowered.

Glimpsing my shadow on the earth, I thought about its deeper meaning: More things become visible to me through my yoga practice.

Yoga grants me another perspective on life, another way of experiencing. It allows me to feel my way “in” to a state of calmness and relaxation. It is a tool I use to recharge and channel my energy into the fuel I need to go on.

I was on a deadline this week and didn’t have enough content for a last-minute seminar I was scheduled to facilitate. But my yoga practice helped me through it. It spoke to me, enabling me to throw a whirlwind of inspiration into the words I did have, which resulted in a more meaningful presentation. I could feel it.

Yoga helped me balance the words with the pacing, and by breathing deeply before the introduction of a new concept, I was able to return to center before proceeding, which added clarity and focus to my thoughts, just like when I move between yoga postures.

In effect, I was applying the same principles from my yoga flow with the flow of the presentation. And by associating the sounds of my breath with determination, I was able to strengthen my confidence and resolve.

Of course the deepest, most cleansing breath came at the end, and I’m happy to say it was one of satisfaction, not exasperation!

Life can be such a beautiful ride if you just learn to go with the flow.


With much love,