On The Rocks


In my garden, innermost thoughts, truest part of me;

behind the masquerade, unwrapped, stray—

on coldest floor, on messy sheet,

lift of heavy crystal;

catch the scent—

delicate, smokey, rich,

the burn continues in its presence;

intricate details,

tingle before the savor,

extract the pleasure,

(never overconsume)

 but the slightest swirl…

aerates appreciation and

validates the pain—

just enough—

enjoy and proceed:

straight up,

on the rocks,


or spilled.


45 thoughts on “On The Rocks

  1. Beautiful, Kelly. Enjoy and proceed straight up.

    • Thank you, Diana! lol Was thinking about how pain and drinking can both take you down, but how they both can be enjoyed too. It’s delicate; the balance with each, and that’s where this metaphor came from.
      Anyway, thanks for reading, have a great night! 🙂

      • I thought that’s where you were going, but wasn’t sure. 🙂 Everything in moderation is a pretty useful approach. ❤

      • I know, Diana, I have a really bad habit of explaining myself and giving out unsolicited advice. It’s awful and rude and I need to be more aware if it. I’m really sorry, of course you knew what I meant! You always do! I have a hang up about writing too esoterically with free verse, when in reality, I’m sure I’m very transparent. Need to take myself less seriously. I’ll work on that moderation thing, trust me!

      • You may explain your esoteric self unapologetically whenever you want. And your advice is always welcome. 🙂 Your writing is gorgeous, Kelly, and second guessing your creative expression will only stifle that beautiful flow of reflection and emotion. So there! Unloading my advice on you. 🙂 Happy writing, my friend.

      • Wow. Van started the tears and now I’m a mess! Love you, Diana xoxo

  2. Melancholy is ok … after all, it happens to all of us – but just at different times … and sometimes for unknown reasons. But you captured it well.

    On a side note, thought about you after the series. Be proud of your team!

    • Hi stranger!!! Thanks for the visit! I think my funk is due to shorter days and the loss last night for sure, but yes, I am really proud of them and happy for the Cubs! They played so well and made the city of Chicago so proud.
      Jumping right back into the season with the Cavs now, so no loss of sports excitement around here! Hope all is well with you 🙂

      • Between a good vacation and a lack of blogging moxy that has kept me going for a long time, it’s good to return!

      • I’m overdue with blog visits and will visit you soon. Always enjoy your posts.
        Yeah, balance and enthusiasm with blogging is like a roller coaster for sure. Glad you’re back though, sure wouldn’t be the same without you!

      • Balancing is crazy … just trying to lay back now in order to find a new rhythm … but we had a wonderful 2 1/2 weeks in Tuscany. (I have a couple of recent posts about it … more to come). … and I think you will enjoy the current post about the project we did in our home.

      • Wow, Frank. You are so fortunate to be traveling like that. Glad to know you are working out that new rhythm as well. I think I mentioned to you that when my dad retired my mom almost killed him! Was a big transition. Looking forward to catching up!

      • Retirement is a transition. My wife retired in April … and I worked pat-time this summer … (and still doing so) … but we’re working on the new routine. Hope to keep the job, but have asked for less hours next year … and that’s possible!

      • That’s great! I think staying busy is always the key to happiness, and you always seem to have a lot going on.

      • Yes … staying busy is important … and we do that! 🙂 … All OK with your family?

      • My son got his license this morning as a matter of fact! Stay off the roads around Cleveland! Ha ha! And my daughter landed a fantastic summer internship with one of the big banks. So yes, family is great, thanks for asking!

      • Good news all around! Cheers to that!!!

      • Definitely! They are both awesome kids, I couldn’t be more proud of them. 🙂

  3. We’ve all had those days/weeks/months Kelly. You express it so well in poetry. Thinking of you, and many Ohio folks I know who are down a bit, but be proud. They had an epic battle that we don’t often see in a World Series.☺ And they’ll be back !

    The personal stuff always seems to hit hardest in the Fall, when we have less daylight, end of summer, back to school, etc etc etc. It is real, it is palpable, it will pass. Feel it, understand it, move on with your blessed life. Thinking of you and sending hugs. ❤️ 💛 💙

    • You always have such a comforting voice, Van, thank you. Sending a big hug right back. And yes, there’s always next year! I’m fine with it now, happy for the Cubs, actually. It sure was exciting! And I think next year will be the one. 🙂
      And you’re so right about feeling those emotions this time of year. They just seem to creep in and wreak havoc on me. And I also find it so ironic how sometimes I like rainy or gloomy days or listening to a sad song, you know? Like I tried to say in this piece, sometimes melancholy (or melancholia?) can be savored like a good cocktail. We sure are emotional, messy, confusing creatures. At least I am! lol
      Thanks again, love you Van (Dorothy) ❤

      • Sometimes, a good cry, one that comes from the gut, is so healing. I gravitate toward those “sad songs” when I need to, always works for me. Yep, we are all a complicated mess of emotion, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I used to complain about the depth of feelings, and someone wise told me to cherish that…when you feel sadness deeply, you also feel joy with the same intensity.

        Love back to you, Kelly. ❤️

      • So true, Van. Thank you for those words. Need tissues now! xoxo

  4. lovely, kelly. not every day will be sunny and bright, but these days are also a real and important part of life.

    • You’re so right, Beth. I’m pretty optimistic by nature, but sometimes I like the feeling of a little gloominess. And it defintely helps my creativity.
      I think bad days might also tell us something needs to be fixed… if there are too many of them, that is. But then, excessively cheerful people are annoying too! Can’t win! lol

  5. I consider myself sensitive, yet after reading comments between you and Van I must admit women have a better sense of understanding emotions than men. You are wise to express them in the written word. Sharing your emotions helps people identify with eachother. It shows honesty and vulnerability. You are a good person Kelly, and I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity in discovering you as a wordpress FRIEND.

  6. You know why I’m melancholy. Still waiting for it to pass.

  7. I would say I hope the melancholy lifted, but sometimes it’s a useful emotional state if we are patient. This is beautifully shared, Kelly.

    • Hi Debra! Thank you! I have no problem lifting melancholy actually, it’s more of an indulgence every now and then. Kind of a dark pleasure, I’d say. Definitely felt that way when I wrote this!
      It’s always so nice to see you, I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend. 🙂

  8. I have a photograph coming up of layers of blue and gray with the sun barely visible.
    I have been pouring a bit. My cataract surgery had a small bump in the procedure with my BP dropping to 72/35. They tilted the table and added fluids, after surgery coffee and two cookies, hour wait to get approved to leave with youngest daughter. Next day, bright red eye, now nine days later preparing to head back to work. I hate the red eye!
    I also was sad about Cleveland loss, while up there after surgery for the week. We were so excited about the 6:6 rallying burst of score!
    Proud they did well, I will be fine but a little sad still about 6 month relationship which seems to have cooled. It was so fun and exciting this summer. . . maybe just a season of joy, still looking or hoping more than looking, for a guy to spend my life with. After all, Mom is 88 and I have possibly 20 or more years!

  9. Oops, pouting not pouring.
    And my photograph (like yours) will be in a post soon,one of a cold, brisk morning. 🙂

  10. We would not be human if we did not feel the lows as well as the highs. Im one for taking myself out into nature when I am in a slump. I sit with my feelings awhile and let them just be. I find alcohol works better for me when Im in a good mood, but rarely indulge these days. My youth was spent indulging quite often but thats what we all did back then. I got over it when I met my husband who does not drink.

    Although there is nothing better than a glass of wine with a good meal when I go out for dinner. I hope your day got better Kelly. Love how you expressed it.

    • Thank you, Kath. You sound a lot like me, actually. I run when I’m feeling down or moody and it always makes me feel better. And I love red wine and drink it for the health benefits (of course) lol
      Had a bit of a wine tasting last night with the neighbors while gazing at the moon out on the patio, as a matter of fact.
      Hope all is well with you, always good to see you! xo

      • Now that I would do too, we have full moon gatherings where all the family across the state will sit out on their deck, beach or wherever and salute life, the moon and each other, even when we are miles apart. cheers Kelly.

  11. https://paulchronicles.wordpress.com/2017/01/10/ophthalmology-series-case-6/
    Great post Nurse Kelly !! Inspiring for me as a med student ! Keep blogging 🙂
    This is my ophthalmology series feel free to comment or share with your colleagues. Follow to stay updated !

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