Thinned-out woods.

Perfectly placed pear trees planted on the lawn.

 Another replicated mall.

Target, Olive Garden, Kohl’s, and Dick’s.

Slithering suburbia with no limits.

Spilling, rushing, flooding for miles.

An endless ocean of more-of-the-same.

Are there any islands left?

Is there a glitter of difference in this look-alike sea?

The question: Which way should she go?

Toward the bright, shiny things?

Should she drown with the neighbors?

Or did the serpent already consume her and she doesn’t even know it?


30 thoughts on “Ever-After

  1. Wind & Wuthering is going back pretty far. Ooops… Did I just betray our age?

  2. Man, I haven’t heard Genesis in a hundred years! ❤
    Diana xo

    • Well that’s a long time, Diana! Can’t say the same since my son is learning the intro to the song I posted on the acoustic guitar… I hear it over and over and over again! Good thing I like the song 🙂

  3. It’s that time of year when the consumption monster tries to lure us in and crush us in its coils. Great poem and a little frightening, Kelly. One of the good things about living in the boondocks is there aren’t any malls. 😀 Thanks for the song ❤

    • Exactly, Diana! Insatiable consumption right now. The boondocks are looking pretty good! Although we don’t need the malls with Cyber Monday! lol
      If you are interested in the psychology of consumer behavior, (which fascinates me), I’d like to suggest a book if I may, called “The Consuming Instinct” by Gad Saad. I know he can be controversial regarding religion, but if you can get past that, the book is really interesting. Explains why we buy what we do… anyway, I found it very insightful. Hope you have a great day, always appreciate your comments. xo

  4. A favorite album of mine – and the song is top drawer – seen Hackett in Glasgow 1979 lol what a guitarist

  5. i always loved genesis and this song says so much )

    • Thanks, Beth! Seems my choice in music on this post has stolen the show. I agree with you, the song does say a lot… perhaps a bit applicable to current events right now. 🙂

  6. The song fits perfect of what’s going on in our current events.

  7. Lovely, and a perfect Genesis song. Nice to “see” you, Kelly. I missed a lot over the Turkey holiday. 💛 💙 💜

  8. Good Morning, Kelly. Just came by to check on you, haven’t “seen” you in a while. Hope all is well and that you are enjoying the holidays. I haven’t been posting much myself of late. Trying to sort out some family issues. Take care of yourself. ❤️

    • Hi Van! You are so sweet for stopping by. Thank you for being so thoughtful. I’m doing well, actually out of town at the moment for a little respite after having Christmas at my house… need a holiday after the holiday! lol
      I hope those family issues get resolved soon, and I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season as well.
      Sending love and hugs to you, my friend, thanks again. xoxo

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