One of Each

A bit of romance from the past for Valentine’s Day…


Mulready, William. The Sonnet. 1839 via


“So… how long have you been watching me?”

Nora spoke directly to the steamy mirror then sunk in the water, submerged under a layer of bubbles. She popped back up and playfully searched for him. A cool, menthol-like sensation on the back of her neck made her shiver. She lifted a sponge and squeezed warm water on the top of her head before she slid back under, overcome with excitement at what she’d just learned: He was home.

I want to hear something prolific tonight, she thought as she wrapped up in her heaviest robe. “Yes, that would be the perfect way to mark this day,” she nodded.

Nora loved the lingering scent of the pear blossom soap she could smell on her skin. It was a gift from him; she knew he would like it too. She tied the robe’s sash then lifted the collar, reached down to pull on some socks, then hurried down to the living room still wet in her haste.

To her delight, several hardwood logs were already smoldering in the fireplace with a few papers strewn next to the hearth.

“Perfect. I get to choose,” she mused, “but I’ll take one of each.”

His words enchanted her. His words filled her senses. His words held unique meaning that made her smile, often blush — words that carried her for weeks until he came home again.

The fire blazed. She moved away and sat where she could still feel its heat. There was nothing that soothed her more than her husband’s presence and the sound of his voice as she curled up tightly next to his side on a cold, rainy night in Trieste.

“Into the secrets we go,” he laughed, with an air of pleasure as he landed on the sofa next to her and settled in. “You sure don’t waste any time.”

“I missed you James,” Nora whispered. “I always miss you. You touch me in places I never expect.”

She nuzzled her face close to his, rested her head softly on his shoulder, and loosened her robe. She was the only woman who could penetrate past his brilliant mind and shoot deeply into his heart.

And he began to read to her.


copyright © Kelly Huntson and 2015-2018. All rights reserved.

What kind of music, literature, and art do you like? Classic or contemporary?


RIP David Bowie


*originally published Jan. 2016



78 thoughts on “One of Each

  1. Hi Kelly! Good week so far, how about you? No snow just plenty of rain, we are turning in to a nation of ducks! I’m open to anything that moves me

    • Hi Deb! Doing well, thank you! Sorry to hear about all that rain. Winter weather finally arrived where I live with about 6 inches of fresh snow. More coming…
      I agree with your taste in art and books – anything that can move me does the trick as well! Thanks, Deb! xo

  2. Very beautiful and sensual, Kelly! And a great song of Bowie’s!

  3. I like most music except Country ( my house burned down, my wife left me, the chickens ran away with the cows down the street ) Some is Ok. Opera wooooo wooooo. Very little opera I will listen to. Head banger music which sounds like you got two Logostina pot and pan set banging in your head that you can’t even listen to the lyrics. Love David Bowie by the way.. You did ask lol

  4. I love your writing, Kelly, so inviting and warm. I like any art that pulls me in, be it books, paintings, music, sculpture. It can capture me with its beauty or rawness or humor. Like Mulready’s painting … I want to know the look on his face, the eagerness in his heart, the words she’s reading, how her heart is bursting, Such an enjoyable post 🙂

    • Your comment was in my spam folder, Diana – just found it! I don’t know why on earth a comment from you would be in there! I’m so glad you liked this post and the painting. I think the artist captured a tender moment exquisitely, and certainly does draw all of the questions you list here. As always, I appreciate hearing your lovely thoughts, and I apologize for the delay in my response. I’ve been out of town and just now found this. Thanks again xo

  5. Beautiful Kelly. Music is my memory keeper, so anything that takes me to that place, reminds me of that person, moves me with that emotion is what I love. Art is subjective and I find more art in everyday life and ordinary things than I do hanging on the wall. But if I had to choose, I like art that speaks to me on a personal level, so abstract is not my cuppa. I can appreciate the talent (as long as it’s not a blot or a cube or something random like that) without loving the art so to speak. I do love the masters, but mainly for the stories they tell (or I tell myself!). The loss of Bowie at such a young age is so very sad. He was/is a lot of things to a lot of people…which is what made him so great. For me…he was my ‘wicked fun’ in the days before life became routine and still is when the routine gets to me.

    • Hey you! Love the little turtle! I used to totally rock out to Rebel Rebel! I know what you mean! It’s so hard to let go of an icon from your life, and yes, at a relatively young age.
      Your thoughts are so authentic, Rhonda, and open as well. I love art that speaks to me too. In The Sonnet, here, the way his head is turned so he doesn’t miss her reaction, just melts me. I love that captured moment.
      Been listening to Bowie since yesterday… will crank up Rebel Rebel in your honor, my friend – unless you have a different request!

      • I gotta tell ya…Fame brings me back to some mighty fine dance sessions with old chums…in fact, not just dancing. I’m having a vivid flash right now of driving around in my car right now with him blasting…what a free feeling he gave me!!! Honestly, most of his 70s work will forever hold a special place in my memory box whether they were hits here in the US or not. But, by all means…crank that Rebel Rebel up my friend…definitely!!

      • As we speak, Rhonda!! We are on that trip down memory lane together! 🙂

      • Good times! And I think I’ll grab a bit of Space Oddity while I’m at it. That one is one of my all time favs and I think he’s bloody brilliant 🙂 Enjoy your day Kel, and glad you’re along for the ride xo

      • Bloody brilliant, indeed. You enjoy as well! xo

  6. Beautiful story, art and post, Kelly. I was unfamiliar with that Bowie song…I love the collection of photos…shows his chameleon-like nature. The world lost a special one. ❤️

    My taste in art, lit and music is really eclectic…love it all. Well..I used to say, except old school country music. When I mentioned this to some fans out West, that I thought it was all trite and repetitive (my man/woman done me wrong), I got an interesting response. Someone said that if you don’t get Love right, all the other stuff doesn’t really matter. Food for thought. I looked at the genre much differently after that. ☺

    • Hey Van! Hope you’re having a good day! If you’ve never listened to the album that song is from, I think you would like it. It’s called “Black Tie White Noise.” I know you were a big fan as well.
      Interesting point about country music. I don’t listen to it much, but it sure does speak to a lot of hearts… especially if someone has done you wrong! Thanks, my friend xo

  7. I’m an easy listener type of person. You will find me hanging in elevators simply for the music. 😀

    You posed a good question about writing styles. I have read so many scientific journals and papers, I have forgotten many of the classics. I think 2016 will be the year I bring them back. I need more diversification in reading material. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Hey doc! Elevator mood music?! lol

      I studied Ulysses back in college, and am helping my daughter through it now. You just have to remember that you can find pleasure in difficulty to get through it! Learning more about Joyce and his wife, Nora, inspired this piece, actually. That, and wanting to write a little fiction.

      I hope you enjoy whatever choice you make in your classic reading material. 🙂

  8. Nice piece, Kelly. I’m a contemporary kind of gal–furnishings, books, movies, design–I like a modern spin. And yep, it’s snowing where I am. Which I know you know. 🙂

  9. Nice post Kelly 😀
    There is no snow here, where I live in Spain, but in North Spain and in the big mountains, there is snow now.
    I like many kind of music and try to be open-minded to new music too. I try to avoid soprano artists, because my nerve system is not for this kind of noise.
    I prefer to read books, as I can learn from and not much else. I like Monét.

    • Hi Irene! I know you have nicer weather than I do right now from our little chat about your walks! Barcelona was the farthest north I traveled. Opted out of the running of the bulls in Pamplona at the time, still don’t think I would want to see it…

      I would imagine it takes a lot of time to make your beautiful jewelry, not leaving much left for reading! Love Monet’s art as well 🙂

      • Barcelona is part of Calatonia and is south of same, which is in East Spain. North they have access to France and have snow in the mountains there. Spain is a big country.

      • I remember the contrast of that region with the rest of the country. More hills. Traveled all over Spain on weekends when I wasn’t in school. Have some crazy memories there, Irene. I even partied at the University of Salamanca!

  10. oh, i loved this piece, kelly. it evoked lots of feelings. i love classic literature, but also enjoy more modern pieces – yes, there is snow at last!

    • Thanks so much, Beth! I like both genres as well, guess it just depends. Sounds like you don’t mind the snow, a very good thing where you live, my dear! Hope to make it up to your state for some skiing soon. I love Michigan!

  11. What a beautiful piece of writing! I wanted to be in her place!
    I love so many genres of writing – classical and contemporary, romance (yeah, yeah, I’ve read my share of historical romances and am not ashamed to say I loved them at the time!), fantastical, biographical…
    As for music, pretty much the same deal. I think the only genre I have trouble with is the rap that seems to be nothing but an assortment of cussing, I like blues and light jazz but when it gets all cacophonous where it seems everyone is in their own little world, not so much! Was raised on country so learned to love it! Classical, classic rock, but not a fan of the super heavy metal yelling…
    It has been snowing non-stop, here in the Montreal area all day!

    • Hi Dale! Thank you so much! I always appreciate your cheerful visits! Sounds like you know exactly what you like and don’t like in music, and that you are pretty flexible with what you read.

      Have the same weather as you right now – very cold and snowy. Just finished dinner and grabbed a warm blanket to get under and now I don’t want to move! 🙂

  12. I enjoyed your post if you have some free time check out my blog

    “5 Reasons Why You’re Still Single”

  13. I don’t think I can narrow down one favorite book. Too many competing for favorite!

    Art is a passion of mine, and we love to collect original artwork from working artists today. My taste varies significantly with art, but if I had to name a couple of favorites of the famous variety, The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali and The Son of Man by Rene Magritte.

    • Hey Nance! I could probably write a whole post on Surrealism and how closely it aligns with the way I think. Especially love Magritte’s work, and have been fascinated with Dali’s melting timepieces since I first saw it when I was a child. I share your varied taste, and enjoy collecting pieces of all kinds from local artists. But my own daughter’s work takes up a lot of space in my house. She was in Chicago with her boyfriend last weekend, and they visited the Art Institute where she saw Dali’s “Inventions of the Monsters.” She was so excited to tell me about it. When I finished my bachelor’s in Spain, I was able to visit Dali’s museum and house there.
      Looking forward to your next story! Be careful if you’re traveling out there. 🙂

  14. This is a lovely reimagining of the painting! I can almost smell the pear blossom soap. Thank you for sharing it. The weather in Central Virginia is meh… maybe soon it will be winter!

    • Hi Jim! So nice of you to visit! Thank you for reading and for your lovely comment.
      You live in such a lovely state! I heard you’ve had some nasty storms there, lately. It’s winter here in Ohio, for sure! Woke up to 9 degrees today! Thanks again for stopping by. 🙂

  15. I cannot narrow my choices down in reading or art. I guess I like what I like when I read or see it. When I travelled the world I did get to see many wonderful art museums and Leonardo definitely captured my attention. But I guess I am open to anything Kelly if that makes any sense?

    • Makes perfect sense, Kath. I would say I am in agreement with you on my taste in art and books. How wonderful that you’ve traveled the world. Hope the same is true for me some day!

  16. I hope this is a true story!

    I think I like all periods of writing and literature, but the older stuff is the stuff that really sticks with me. I keep reliving the last scene from Grapes of Wrath in my head over and over again… or Counte of Monte Cristo, or even War and Peace’s tragic heroes. But I love my Rushdie, Coupland, all that stuff too.

    • No, not true… wish it was! You know, Joyce’s wife, Nora, inspired the last part to Ulysses – which you probably know. It’s my favorite part, quite moving.
      The deeper meaning in some of the classics sticks with me too.
      The ending to The Grapes of Wrath made me cry, for obvious reasons, although I don’t know why you would be reliving that! And The Count of Monte Cristo was so powerful as well. I think both inspire hope.
      I own The Satanic Verses, but have never read it. Maybe I’m ready for it now. Seems quite relevant today. Thanks for reading, Trent 🙂

  17. You’re such a romantic soul, Kelly. I don’t know if anyone has ever read to me like this. I like a good variety of art and literature, but tend to read more contemporary. I always feel like there’s just so much to read! I can’t keep up at all. No snow, but the ground is wet. Yay! xoxo

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