Unusual Hunger

unusual hunger

Sometimes hunger grows teeth. It can bite across the grain, the grooves of life’s patterns. It can take what you think you know and scrape it into shavings, drop it on a rotting floor.

It can leave you feeling warped and weak, fearing you will fall through to something awful underneath, like a new, grotesque form of yourself that is unfinished and raw.

I say let the hunger feed.

Let it whittle, let it chew all of your tough bark away, let it expose the tender pulp inside of you, let it kick-start, let it tend to new growth from within as its sap of new life settles and absorbs your mind.

Hunger for more.

Refuse to fit in.

Be the mismatched colorful chair that shines in the corner refusing to earn its rightful place at the table.


copyright © Kelly Huntson and findingwhatssweet.com 2015-2018. All rights reserved.

Thank you for reading, have a great week!



*originally published Aug. 2016

42 thoughts on “Unusual Hunger

  1. i love this kelly and need to remember it –

  2. I was just listening to Tears For Fears last night but didn’t know this one. It’s great.

  3. Oh, that mismatched chair, striving to just fit in….Wonderful piece, Kelly. 💕

  4. “…what we deprive ourselves of, we crave”

  5. This is inspirational and definitely gave me some good stuff to “chew” on. Okay, that pun was definitely intended 😉 Thanks for the post, Kelly!

  6. I hope I never get fed up… lol! Always stay hungry and look for food!

  7. Gorgeous writing, Kelly and I LOVE Tears For Fears ❤

    • You’re so generous, Nat. Thank you. I can’t resist including the music I was listening to while working on something for the blog, it just seems like it’s part of it. xo

  8. Lovely and powerfully written, Kelly. Your words remind me of the power of our every experience, and how it leads us unerringly to the tender pulp within– the glorious marrow of being!


  9. I particularly loved the image of the mismatched, colorful chair that shines in the corner. Such a positive and encouraging way to live unencumbered. I really love your words, Kelly.

    • It’s always so lovely to see you, Debra! I hope you are well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. Hope you have a great day today. Your kind words mean a lot! xo

  10. A powerful piece of writing, Kelly. I love the raw passion for life and individuality, the “I am” that comes through so strongly in your words. Great song too. 😀

  11. fabulous writing!

    • Thank you! You know, I’ve seen your gravatar many times and have been meaning to follow your blog. I think you always leave such nice comments. Thanks again for reading and stopping by my little corner. I’m happy to be following you now! 🙂

  12. “Be the mismatched colorful chair that shines in the corner refusing to earn its rightful place at the table.”–Love that line!

  13. Hello Kelly, long time, no hear.

  14. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Check out my post if you would like to participate. https://earthwalkingworld.wordpress.com/2018/03/26/the-sunshine-blogger-award/

  15. Finding one’s own uniqueness is a beautiful thing. Whether it’s part of what society accepts or defiantly challenges every day “rituals”, it creates energy and excitement worth experiencing. Great post!!

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