About Me


It’s about your mind, soul, and eros.

It’s about your deep capacity for good.

It’s about marking you, making you different.

It’s about radiating energy when you enter the room.

It’s about the light in your eyes.

It’s about lingering longer than is decent.

It’s about the might, the caress of your words.

It’s about how beautifully you disturb.

It’s about seeing the infinite variations of who you are.

It’s about wicked lashes of truth.

It’s about not merging, not knowing you inside out.

It’s about opening your mind to awareness.

It’s about making you feel the most.


It’s all about you.

But this—

Is all about me.


copyright © Kelly Huntson and findingwhatssweet.com 2015-2018. All rights reserved.


This used to be on my “About Me” page. I came across it recently and decided to make it a post… about me!

Thank you always for reading, much love to you ~



12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Where is the “Love” button?
    I felt like you were talking to me because so much rings true…

  2. It’s wonderful! I love this line: “It’s about how beautifully you disturb.” 😊

  3. Personally, it’s about my mind, soul and errors. Ha. See that?

  4. I’m so glad you shared this. Wonderful, you!

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