It’s subtle. It cultivates mystery. I shiver.

I brush the hair from my eyes exposed to October’s night air.

A thousand crimson leaves applaud my presence.

I know I should be sleeping, but I surrender to this middle-of-the-night moonlit high instead.

Like a ghost I slip, isolate starlight in my skin, glimpse my moon shadow on the earth.

I want to see this; floating, ethereal, eyes closed.

The scents of the night intoxicate: rustling pines, damask rose, daphne, the smell of burning oak like whiskey.

I refill my well.

Under the night sky I feel complete. I feel undone. I feel found. I feel lost—if only for a little while.

And I want to go higher still.

Just for tonight.

Enjoying the part about enjoying the journey…

or whatever.


copyright © Kelly Huntson and 2015-2018. All rights reserved.

*originally published Oct. 2016

31 thoughts on “Intoxicated

  1. I felt like I was taken somewhere through your words, they flow so beautiful in your perfect response to today’s prompt 😃

  2. And I hope you also have a great weekend

  3. I could almost smell the air, Kelly! Beautiful!

  4. Love the pictures — the words and the photo! Have a great weekend, yourself.

  5. i was floating right along with you, kelly )

  6. You are a magical muse, Kelly. My favorite line: “The smell of burning oak like whiskey.” So original 🙂

  7. Beautiful words, definitely painted a vivid picture.

  8. A lyrical, sensuous dream piece. Well done.

  9. Do you know what I’m going to enjoy? You KNOW what I’m going to enjoy. The Indians v. the Cubs. It better be the Cubs. Two perennial losers. At the end of it, one will still be a perennial loser.

  10. You took me there with you, a place I would love to stay. Beautifully penned, Kelly 😊

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