brick brickwall brickwork cement

It’s solid; something to lean against, 

a respite from the mechanical whoosh across my back.

It turns the corner; real, meaning, justice, away from the parade, something like,


It’s not in the reasoning part on the spongy surface, or further down to the calcified intellect, or even deeper to the wet-walled soul, but further.

It doesn’t look at me like, why. 

Like I don’t know, how could I.

It shows up.

It clarifies and clarifies:

You can always change your frame of mind.


“We stopped looking for monsters under our bed when we realized that they were inside us.” —Charles Darwin


Copyright © Kelly Huntson and [2015-2019].


A little levity~

4 thoughts on “Intrinsic

  1. Oh, I love this. Read it. Read it again. Think I’m going back for thirds…

  2. UpChuckingwords

    “even deeper to the wet-walled soul”
    I love when you read a poem or a sentence and you see words strung together that make you pause, diving deep into your imagination –To feel the writer has captured you, unexpectedly and makes you nod and say oooh yea.

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