river between green leafed tree

Between near and far, the lightest dew, the tip of a breeze, an intimate mist, the freshest air, seraphic light, and lucidity

easy silence, an uncluttered sky, thinning tears, imagined distance, the ease into summer, the rinse of rain, and simplicity

infinite reflection, clarity, a crystal vase, a faded carnation, the baby pool, and five in the afternoon

find blue and yellow; more yellow, no white—there.

It’s aquamarine.


*A color I associate with poetry. 🙂

Copyright © Kelly Huntson and


Inspired always by Wassily Kandinsky, this piece: Composition VII

One thought on “Aquamarine

  1. That water is just beautiful, I could sit and watch and listen for hours 🙂 🙂

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