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Today was a gorgeous, late August day. I just had to write about it. Even the morning went seamlessly– little traffic, easy parking, and a few extra minutes to spare… in the morning!

As I write this, the Moon and Mars are ascending in the eastern sky above me. This evening brings cooler air hinting at change. Summer is waning, but I am warm under magnificent light.


I am sitting on the patio taking in the evening. 

Dappled sunlight filters through brilliant, green leaves.

The sky ripens, colors soften, synchronize with my breath. 

A menthol-like sensation from the twilight breeze caresses my skin and I shiver.

I feel it.

It subsides. 

I feel it again.

The healing glow from the waxing moon quiets my thoughts and I breathe a little deeper.


The Moon and a very bright Mars before it dims in September ~ 8/23/18


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This song is dedicated to someone who was very special to me. I recently learned of his tragic death due to a scuba diving accident. His sense of adventure and love for life were unsurpassed.

Rest in peace, Kerry 

Thank you for reading. Have a great night.


*originally published August, 2018