Not So Fast

wet window

Summer wanes, weaves her way from garden and park like slow-poured clover honey, says hold it; one last golden note, a forever-y sigh arrests the rush of crisp air, still thirsty, departs with a cooler tone, her submission steam on the window gives her away.


Copyright © Kelly Huntson and

Thank you always for reading. Have a good weekend!


9 thoughts on “Not So Fast

    1. Thank you, Dale!
      I agree. Why rush to move on to the next season before the previous one is over?
      I like autumn too, but I hate losing the light of summer, the long days.
      Just got back from Vegas and triple-digit heat, feel ready for cooler air though!

      1. That is true. The seasons will come ’round and ’round. The shorter days are less fun and that time, for me, between the beautiful colours of fall and the brightness of snow is the worst.
        I bet you are!

    1. Thank you, Lynne. Nice to see you!
      Yes, abstract painting, mood, and words, I suppose! It’s hard for me to let go this time of year… my mom would say let’s hope for a nice, long, “Indian summer.” Interesting how summer can transform into another season, turn reluctance into something beautiful.

  1. It’s funny, I kind of feel ready for a change – we’ve had heat over here that has been overwhelming alternating with lots of rain. The bright crisp days of autumn would be welcome for more outdoor exercise, but I never wish time away…so an Indian summer would be lovely!

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