Stress Relief Techniques


I teach the following stress relief techniques to groups and individual clients. I personally find them to be very helpful as well.


Deep breathing

In a seated position or lying down on your back, place both hands flat on your stomach. Get comfortable. Take a moment to feel your diaphragm rise and lower as you breathe. Try to feel your pulse throughout your whole body and just relax.

Keep your hands placed on your stomach and take a deep breath. Then count backward from ten, focusing on each number in your mind as you slowly exhale the breath. Feel your abdomen rise and fall. Repeat this three times, with three separate breaths.

This exercise makes it impossible for you to think about anything else while you are doing it.



Sitting or lying down in a comfortable position, think of a favorite place. It might be the beach, a garden, a place in your yard or park, or a favorite room. It must be a place where you are stationary.

Now think about your five senses—sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. Repeat the list in your mind a couple of times.

When you are ready, close your eyes and imagine yourself in your favorite place. Describe everything you see, smell, hear, taste, and can touch or feel. Let the images flow in and out of your mind as you move from one sense to the next.

The object of this exercise is to go through all five senses in that special place. Five or ten minutes can pass while you are doing this, which helps to lower your stress level.

Here is an example to help get you started. Join me, as we visit a beautiful beach. :)

I see – sparkling water, blue sky, white sand, beach chairs, seashells, umbrellas, shorebirds, wispy clouds, an orange sun, smiling faces

I smell – salty air, tanning lotion, barbecue, tropical flowers, coconut, citrus, driftwood

I hear – shorebirds, crashing waves, splashes, breezes blowing, muffled voices, laughter, planes humming, soft music, steel drums, boats in the distance

I taste – chilled water, tropical drinks, fresh fruit juice, seafood, lip balm, juicy watermelon, salty sea water

I feel – wind gusts, gentle breezes, sand between my toes, cold water, sunglasses on my nose, soft cushions, beach towels, warm sun on my skin, the hand of my partner, peaceful

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