De-Stress for Sleep


Into The Gray

Hours fall into shadow, the night is finally still, you’ve waited for this simplicity all throughout the day.

After talk, maybe songs, or perhaps a bedtime story, now it’s time for you to completely come undone.

Let your worries be hushed, let the day melt away, like powdered sugar snow as you fall into the gray.


The gray zone. That gray space. A place in time after the white light of day but before the black darkness of night; a place where I can finally put my thoughts to rest, reflect on my life’s journey, and take a deep breath in order to find my way back to the fresh start of a new tomorrow.

When I consciously engage with how my day went in this way, it helps me to make meaning of my past, surrender it, and  ‘put it to bed’ as well as myself.

By setting this special time aside each night, it allows me to envision my life as one that is growing. It is like closing a door on the day’s past and opening a new door to the day that lies ahead.

In fact, after I have thought about the day’s events for a moment, I visualize closing a door behind them in my mind. Then I let my clearer, more serene mind carry me into the peaceful hours of the night. The past has its place, the future waits with hope, and I rest more comfortably in the present moment.


*A foundational practice for rectifying sleep disturbances is the creation of a soothing evening ritual. Sleep disturbance causative factors may include:

• Irregular routine

• Mental/emotional stress

• Excessive mental and physical activities

• Pain in the body

• Poor digestion

• Excessive talking before bed


A few things I find to be helpful in my sleep routine include:

dry skin brushing

warm oil massage

• a shower

• sipping warm golden milk while listening to soothing music

• gentle stretches


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