One December Morning

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The big metal-bellied plow maneuvers through the shopping district. A little girl twirls and sings, slaps her brother with her Nicky Nicole bags, and tells him she wants to be Alexa. He touches her back and she pokes him in the ear.

A woman dressed entirely in white, apart from silver trainers, is standing in front of H&M holding a small white dog wearing a silver coat.

A wonderful rustling noise rises from the cellophane wrappers of warm, candied almonds. I am offered a free espresso from a red tray. 

In the window of the breakfast cafe, a man suspends his fork in midair as he laughs at his phone. A little boy points to the pie dome, his mother pulls him away.

At a cash register, a teenage girl turns to her less-than-inspired boyfriend and smiles. She lifts a perfumed card from her purse and holds it to his nose.

An older man waits at the pedestrian crossing with a huge stuffed reindeer in his arms. He tips his head back and gazes at the top of the 50-foot Christmas tree across from Barnes and Noble. 

A young woman walks past me wearing her baby in a sling printed with families of penguins. 

Sunlight falls across my eyes. I find myself walking in the wrong direction because Ruby wants to follow another dog. The stout cocker spaniel in the brown leather harness spins around his owner’s legs, and we find ourselves at a comfortable distance despite the intimacy of our dogs. I tell Ruby to stop flirting; Mariah Carey fades.


Copyright © Kelly Huntson and [2015-2019]. All rights reserved.


Wishing you much holiday joy and love ❤

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