For Jean


I’ve worked hard most of my life.

I’ve enjoyed many friends along the way.

I’ve laughed a lot.

I’ve learned a lot.

And I’ve always loved to write.

I’ve traveled to distant lands.

I fell in love.

I had children.

I felt my life was full.

And it was.

I had a friend named Jean.

Jean was 85 years old.

Jean was a retired nurse.

Jean loved me.

I loved Jean.

And Jean loved life.

She got sick one day.

Then very sick.

On one of her last days, she whispered in my ear.

“Don’t waste it.”

That made me sad.

I felt a deep sense of regret.

And I woke up that day.

I wanted to change my life.

It took me years to let my light shine.

To believe that it could.

I also realized something else.

The light dims a bit more each day.

If we don’t choose to see it.

Believe it.

Share it.

Feel it.

It will fade.

And then it will go away.

I realized the light was me.

And you.


The difference we make.

The imprint we leave.

The caress we give.

The path we create.

To help other people.

The light is it.

The light is within us.

It is why we are here.

The light is now.

The light is love.


Copyright © Kelly Huntson and

*originally published Aug. 2015