Hazardous When Me

22AFE940-96B5-4794-938D-166261A568D3American sunshine.
The flavor of brilliance, taste what you might.
Defines something exported as myth, gasoline-refracted light.

Notions glisten on the skin of bubbles; spit spray pops in your face.
And if you chew it long enough, you become someone else.

Your icy fingers point.
When it all goes wrong, when it all goes right.
Tongue numb from Aspergum.
Bring it back.

The shattered glass you put yourself through.
Bone contusions, liver disease, drug trips;
the blue mushrooms kill, so don’t eat those.

Ah, and ritual.
Learned it as a kid.
Always there for you, for those ‘trying times.’
Zip-locked and loaded in the early morning light: peanut butter sandwich, tears, goodbye.

Insight, curiosity — but that will kill you, kitty cat!
In shadows longer for the malady, between fantasy and reality,

Golden light reflects under the door across the hall.
Images dissolve as I search the morning sky.
I will sing in what I find.
The day is a day is a day already changing.


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