The definition of a miracle to me means having the ability to accept all that happens in life; the millions of stars on a midsummer’s night even though we see very few, the thousands of chances contained in a hat, even though we pick only one, or a piece of writing that completely overwhelms us when it’s closed with the words, “I love you.”

I believe that when we are open, in awe, free-flowing, able to find a way outside of ourselves, miracles can happen.

When I was a child I lived more outside of my house than within. I would often lie down on the bare ground and stare up at the stars in the sky. It was like receiving a free ticket to somewhere else entirely; a place where I could find the difference between what is and what could be, a place where I could find peace when escape was not possible.

And a miracle took place.

Gone are the white cotton pleas, the shreds of eyelet lace, the tears of unanswered questions… and even though I still tremble on the ground beneath me today, the spirit of forgiveness has set me free—free to soar with my magnanimous muse in the miracle of my dreams.

Wishing you peace,



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*originally published Aug. 2016