These Boots Were Made For?


Tenacity: (noun) the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly; grip.

the quality or fact of being determined; determination.

the quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence.


My blog is a place where I write creatively and enjoy the benefits of self-expression and self-exploration. I like to try new things; I don’t give up that easily. After all, tenacity is required for overcoming challenges and achieving goals in life, correct?

My husband and I like to make fires in the fire pit on our patio year-round, and recently, we added more wood to the woodpile since it was almost down to the dirt. Typically, my husband splits a few logs for the fires as we need them. He can swing an ax and slice through a big log like it was a stick of butter, a skill he has mastered. But when I try, all I can manage are a few notches on the top of the log…

I like to think of myself as a woman who can survive; split her own firewood if she needs to, surely I am strong enough to do that, I am certainly determined. And, coincidentally, I was wearing jeans and a red-plaid, flannel shirt when I decided to have a go with the ax. I looked like a lumberjack!

But even though I threw my whole body into the ax, all I got was a dull ‘thud.’ I even concentrated by closing my eyes, like I was meditating on the task, imagining all of my energy traveling through my body straight to the ax into the wood, but, thud.

Laughing at me, my husband took another swing, easily slicing the log right down the middle with one clean cut.

“I’ll be right back, Paul Bunn-yunn, carry on,” I smirked.

I disappeared inside the house searching for the boots with the platform soles and monster heels. I mean, these things were something Elton John would have worn back in the day! I had relegated them to the dress-up box in the basement just in case one of the kids needed them for a costume, you know, like KISS, or David Bowie, or Frankenstein, or something.


Wear at your own risk!

I returned and stood in front of my husband wearing the boots.

“Leverage,” I quipped. “You are six-four and I am five-nine. That’s all it is.”

I proceeded to take a swing.


My husband was crying with laughter. He tossed me a pair of leather work gloves that were two sizes too big. After about five more thuds, I finally managed to hack some wood into pieces. No, I didn’t get much done, but I sure did laugh a lot. (Hubs ended up on the ground, by the way.)

So I guess I mastered the skill of looking completely ridiculous while trying something new. But at least I’m tenacious. 🙂

Never give up!

With lots of love,



these boots were made for?

 Definition via Oxford Dictionary


*originally published Nov. 2016