silver oxygen mask

wriggles, slithers, squirms between the neurons
itches like fleas, like lice
sticks to the teeth of my comb.

I feel you.
I see you.
I pick you out
the tip of a pin
annoying singe across a finger
quick from the scorch
the daily
of negative

Intolerance is contagion is disease.

It mets, it eats your brain—both hemispheres.

Do not give it to me.

I choked on that shit a long time ago,
I threw that shit against the wall, grab-and-go bytes of shit, poisonous shit, served-up, forced-fed shit, biggest spoonfuls of shit
ever swallowed.

You mean you don’t swallow?
No, I don’t swallow shit.
Do you??

Crazy to think I won’t jump on the hate train.
Cra-cra-crazier to think
I think
for myself.


I think the people you disagree with are the ones you most definitely have to treat with decency.” —Unknown

The truth knocks on the door and you say, “Go away, I’m looking for the truth,” and so it goes away. –Robert Pirsig


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