Through the Fog


Everyone experiences emotional pain now and then, due to unexpected losses, unfulfilled dreams, or hurtful relationships in life. I hear about pain in the work I do and I feel it in the “blogosphere” as well, as I’m sure you do.

Sometimes the disclosure of pain is so deep, so excruciating, it makes me weep with patients and clients. Oftentimes the anguish from the pain is internalized, repressed, and never resolved properly.

But did you know that all kinds of pain can be turned around through writing to help other people; to help you?

Maybe that is why the pain is there in the first place.

Do you believe a man who has never felt rejection or isolation can understand the reality of a man who battles depression and loneliness?

Do you believe a woman who has been happily married for 25 years can truly comprehend the trauma of a woman who is going through an unwelcomed divorce after 25 years of marriage?

Do you believe a man who has never suffered from the struggle of addiction can fully relate to a man trapped in addiction’s depths of despair?

Do you believe a woman who has yet to lose a loved one can sincerely empathize with a woman who just lost her mother?

Do you believe a man who has worked at the same place of employment for 30 years can offer real strength and support to a man who just lost his job for the third time?

Do you believe a woman who has never faced the agony of a seriously ill child can truly lend her shoulder for a devastated mother to cry on?

Do you believe a man who has never questioned his own sexuality or gender can honestly understand a gay man or transgender person’s process of accepting themselves?

Do you believe a woman who has never battled with an eating disorder or weight issue can provide trusted support to a woman who desperately desires to lose weight and improve her health?

The list goes on.

I wonder if we can look at pain as something that doesn’t belong to us alone, but as something that is multi-faceted. Could our pain actually give strength to other people? Could it give them support? Could it give them comfort?

Could it give them hope?

There are many people undergoing exactly the same struggles. The pain we feel today could end up being our platform tomorrow.

What an amazing thought that is.


Thank you for reading,


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