First Kiss

corn field

Familiar, visceral, the time, the light,

a game of kick-the-can at night,

standing at your screen door late,

I swallowed my gum when I met you.


You ask me if I want to play

on easy, cotton summer days,

I ask you if you want to see

my softer side of gingham.


Teasing, twinkling, peeking eyes,

hugging ‘round the maple tree,

thunder comes, too late to run,

you find me where Iʼm hiding.


Secrets told on tender boughs,

pushes, nudges, tickles, winks,

your hand in mine, wet knots of want,

yes, Iʼm sure, kiss me.


Ready, radiant laughter spreads

like honey, spooned-up sunshine pours,

gives chase between the cornfield rows,

your girl with the cherry coke smile.


copyright © Kelly Huntson and 2015-2018. All rights reserved.


Just a little something fun, thanks for reading!